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Static Email (Template) Generator. Create professional, accessible, and responsive email templates using a little bit of HTML skills.
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Static Email (Template) Generator


MEYL is a developer-first and accessibility-first email generator app. I write this app to create, edit, test, and manage all emails using a template engine. You can use it for generating single emails or you can create reusable email templates for Mandrill, SendGrid, Zapier, etc.

You can also edit text-based email content for the visual-impaired humans or OCR users, but if you forget that somehow, MEYL will auto-generate it for you.

Simple Usage

# create new project directory
meyl new email-templates

# generate emails
meyl generate --source=email-templates/src/ \

# send a test mail to preview
meyl send --template=email-templates/dst/wedding-invitation/ \

Immutable Variables

  • subject
  • body

Email Folder Structure

All templates should have:

  1. a subject.html,
  2. and a body.html.

You don't need to create also a body_text.html but in case, MEYL will auto-generate it for making your emails more accessible for all human being.

|- dst                       Destination Template Folder
|  |- payroll                Template Name: Payroll
|  |  |- body.html           Email Content
|  |  |- body_text.html      Email Content (in Text Format)
|  |  |- subject.html        Subject
|  |
|  |- wedding-invitation     Template Name: Wedding Invitation
|  |  |- body.html           Email Content
|  |  |- body_text.html      Email Content in Text Format
|  |  |- subject.html        Subject
|- src                       Source Template Folder
|  |- base.html              Base Template
|  |- style.css              Styles
|  |- partials               Template Partials
|  |  |- button.html
|  |  |- title.html
|  |- payroll
|  |  |- body.html
|  |  |- subject.html
|  |- wedding-information
|  |  |- body.html
|  |  |- body_text.html
|  |  |- subject.html


  • multilanguage support.
  • digest css styles to html inside.
  • support to embed markdown files to the email body as a variable.
  • error outputs are not helpful. if there's an undefined variable, tell me which one is that. if a function or a filter has been used incorrectly, tell me what it is.
  • auto-generate executable files every release (linux, win, mac).
  • allow only BODY content in html files, we can add HTML and HEAD parts programmatically.
  • test rendered outputs.
  • change Email struct parameters: src_dir, dst_dir, template_name.
  • minify rendered outputs.
  • make css styles inline for html templates.
  • choose a template engine to render email contents.
  • I also need a arg parser for CLI.
  • create project skeleton.